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ny's total overseas sales, Jin sai▓d, without disclosing details.Dario Gomez, associate administrator at the Office of

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International Trade for the US Small Business Administration, said direct exports ensure "long-term growth

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and success".Exporters have their say over the en▓tire marketing mix including payment terms, product modificati

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nya, which were subsequently assembled at its local subsidiary in March.The Kenya subsidiary is Beiben's fifth overseas k
nockdown factory, following South Africa, Ethiopia, Myanmar and Iran."Exporting directly enables us to commu

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s whether their products will sell in those new markets, and adapt their products and packaging to accommodate local customers' need▓s, according to Gomez.Last year, China saw s

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ales of 1.11 million heavy trucks, up 52 percent, and a record since 2▓010, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.This year so far, overs

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